Mary’s mistake

I thought that everyone knew the famous nursery rhyme, but it seems one person didn’t…

Mary had a little dog,
She’d bought him very cheap;
But something wasn’t right at all –
He bleated like a sheep.

She took him to the vet and said,
“My dog is just not right”.
“Leave him with us,” replied the vet,
“We’ll cure him overnight.”

When Mary fetched him from the vet,
She took him for a walk.
But, by the time they got back home
She found the dog could talk!

“Didn’t you read the nursery rhyme
Before you went and bought
A dog? You should have given
The matter much more thought.

“It says you’re s’posed to have a lamb,”
The dog explained. “But  hey,
A lamb’s not house-trained like I am,
So look at things that way.

“I’m not much good at acting,
But I’ve done my level best
To be as lamb-like as I can,
It’s a shame you’re not impressed.”

“I’ve never read it,” Mary said,
“But it’s all right in the end,
For now I’ve got a talking dog –
A very special friend!”

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