Dino dusters

A researcher at the Natural History Museum insisted that folk like him were not ‘just dinosaur dusters’. But dinosaurs do have to be dusted, and as I pondered over who did such important work, this possible answer wafted through the aether (to the tunes of “We are the Ovaltineys” and “The Ovaltineys say Good-bye”). It might explain why you never seem to see them in action . . .

1. We are the Dino Dusters
We are the Dino Dusters, little girls and boys.
If you should see us, please don’t poke us
When you’re near the Diplodocus:
We clean its bones up every day
And don’t make any noise.
The reason that we can’t be seen
While dusting dinos nice and clean
Is ’cos we all drank Ovaltine,
Which shrank* us girls and boys!

2. The Dino Dusters say Good-bye
So we’re not happy Dino Dusters:
We feel sad and blue.
The ads said “Drink your Ovaltine!” –
Who knew what it would do?
But we’ll be here again next Monday
To make things look like new;
And so until we meet again
The Dino Dusters bid you all adieu.

* As far as I know, there is no evidence to support this outrageous assertion.

[Image of theLeague of Ovaltineys’ Official Rule Book: Wikipedia] Sheet music and lyrics can be seen at http://www.sterlingtimes.co.uk/ovaltineys_music1.htm and http://www.sterlingtimes.co.uk/ovaltineys_music2.htm
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