I wouldn’t say no . . .

It’s the sort of thing you might say if offered a tasty treat – unless you really thought about the words you were using.

I wouldn’t say “no” to a custard tart.
(I wouldn’t say “yes” to one either:
To talk to a custard tart would be silly
Or sad, and I reckon I’m neither.)

I wouldn’t say “Boo!” to a goose. (Just as well –
Geese don’t understand English, they say;
And “Boo!” might mean, into Gooseish translated,
Attack – he must not get away!”)

The moral of this, if moral there be,
Is: make sure that you say what you mean.
For that is the best way, I think, to avoid
Consequences you hadn’t foreseen . . .

[Images: Wikimedia]
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