The marvellous man-shed

No shed is ever big enough.

Once in the lifetime of every man
The idea comes into his head:
“There’s a thing I must do just as soon as I can:
I must build me a marvellous shed!

“It need not be huge, but just big enough
To store all the things I will need,
Like a lawnmower, spade and chemical stuff
For targeting each pesky weed,

“And a fork and a trowel; and there’ll have to be room
For a hedge trimmer, strimmer, and lots
Of seed trays and buckets, an edger, a broom
And some shelves to store flowerpots.

“The wheelbarrow, too, needs a sheltering place
Where it can be out of the rain;
And the tilling machine needs a safe resting-space
In the dry where it can remain.

“Is there still enough room for my well-used leaf shredder?
And I’ll need to fit in all those stakes . . .
Can I squeeze in, as well, my trusty lawn spreader,
The step-ladder and various rakes?

“Oh dear, I forgot! There’s my fancy Dutch hoe,
Secateurs to prune and dead-head,
Bags of compost and suchlike . . . Help! Where will they go?
I must build me a much bigger shed!”

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