A pivotal goddess

As a granddaughter excitedly informed me, Cardea was the ancient Roman goddess of the hinge (Roman doors being hung on simple pivot hinges).

To a Roman of old, the world was controlled
By gods, male and female, or so we are told
By inscriptions and pictures on wall and mosaic:
Some were all-powerful, others prosaic.
Yet who would have thought that, way out on the fringe
There was one called Cardea, goddess of the hinge!

She wasn’t alone, though: to help her keep guard
Over what could come into the house from the yard
Were Forculus, god of the opening door,
And Limentinus, keeping the threshold secure.
But to my simple mind, there’s none can impinge
On Cardea, goddess of the pivotal hinge!

[Image: conjouredcardea.blogspot.com]
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