An M&S summer

A 2019 marketing campaign by the well-known UK retailer, M&S (previously Marks and Spencer), trumpeted “THIS IS NOT JUST ANY SUMMER, THIS IS AN M&S SUMMER”. They really should know better than to rely on British weather . . .

So this is “an M&S summer”?
Well, this is all I can say:
If this this is “an M&S summer”,
I hope it will soon go away.

It’s been cold, it’s been wet, it’s been windy
(But at least we haven’t had snow).
It is, in fact “just any summer”,
As your marketing people now know.

Next time, M&S, don’t ignore
The Clerk of the Weather*. This guy
Will have to be fully behind you
For next summer to stay warm and dry.

*My parent’s generation used to talk about this character – invariably male – who was apparently in charge of the world’s meteorology. (These days, he seems to have been replaced by “The Jet Stream”).

See also Clerk of the Weather and Jet Stream.

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