Having cancelled all activities since March 2020 so as to comply with national restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of the virus causing Covid-19, our club felt it was time to think about using a virtual-meeting technology, such as Zoom. The Committee decided to meet – using Zoom.

Let’s meet using Zoom, it’s the cool thing to do.
It can’t be that hard – just a mouse-click or two?
I wonder how much it will cost . . . oh, I see,
For the first forty minutes it’s totally free!

We’ll sign up at once for a Zoom Basic Plan,
And schedule a meeting as soon as we can.
The Committee can meet and discuss everything,
With zero exposure to Covid-19.

Well, that’s what we did, but not without hitches
Caused by memory lapses and technical glitches:
A smartphone that wouldn’t display all our faces
And a broadband connection too weak in some places.

So, despite several glimpses of naked male legs,
A Laphroaig* whisky bottle with just a few dregs
And a cuddly toy (who wasn’t invited),
Thanks to Zoom the Committee became reunited.

*Pronounced ‘la-froyg’.

Image: newsweek.com
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