The Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus spread rapidly since first designated by the World Health Organisation as a ‘Variant of Interest’ in late November 2021. The UK Government ruled out imposing any further measures before Christmas, but monitored the situation “hour by hour”…

It wasn’t the usual Christmas,
A gathering of the clans,
For Omicron came in November
And scuppered all our plans.

From Alpha through to Delta,
All those we’d got to know;
But Omicron spread like wildfire
And came as quite a blow.

“We will not change the rules,”
The Government said, “before
The Day – unless the data
Shows that we need more…”

But we still met at Christmas
For a ‘socially-distanced’ meal
Of turkey, ham and Brussels sprouts –
With a Christmassy appeal.

Santa was quite safe, though:
The North Pole’s far away
And he had no human contact
As he drove his flying sleigh.


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