James Webb’s telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope released its first image on 11 July 2022. It is said to show an area of sky equivalent to a grain of sand held at arm’s length.

I’m feeling very small – not very big at all.
When young, it seemed the Universe was me:
Above me in the sky, Sun, Moon and stars passed by
From East to West, as I could clearly see.

But this view was overturned as, growing up, I learned
How far away things were, in deepest space.
And how reality was more than I could see –
How science really puts me in my place.

And now, I can’t help thinking my world is hugely shrinking:
There’s so much going on beyond the sky.
My brain’s proved ineffective at gauging the perspective –
And James Webb’s Telescope is why.

Image: NASA
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