Is anybody there?

Amid a swirl of acronyms, we learned about efforts to search for signs of life on the Red Planet. I thought I’d better warn it.

We’ve sent orbiters and rovers, now we’re drilling into you;
We’ve got WISDOM, Enfys, MOMA, EscaPADE and CLUPI too.
And we’ve Pan Cam’s 3D viewer, to get a better view,
In the hope we shall eventually discover something new.

We’re on a Martian mission, which we’ll doggedly pursue
Until we come across some evidence, some long-elusive clue,
That signs of life exist on Mars (it would be quite a coup,
Though if we ever find some, I don’t know what we’d do…)

WISDOM = Water Ice Subsurface Deposits Observation on Mars
Enfys = (Welsh for ‘rainbow’) an infrared spectrometer
CLUPI = Close-up Imager
EscaPADE = Escape and Plasma Acceleration and Dynamics Explorers
MOMA = Escape and Plasma Acceleration and Dynamics Explorers
Image: Freepik
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