Stereotypes, maybe; but I’ve been there . . .


Babies are such funny things:
Noisy, smelly, runny things,
Cost-a-lot-of-money things,
But on the whole, bright, sunny things
Who soon enough will crawl.

Children are go-crazy things,
Crash-bang, oops-a-daisy things,
Tumble-bump, knee-grazey things,
Bipolar, manic/lazy things
Whose writing is a scrawl.

Teenagers are lanky things,
No-money-in-the-banky things
Whose trainers are – ugh! – manky things,
Strutting, grunting, swanky things
Who never sit but sprawl.

Parents are old squarey things,
Sometimes not-much-hairy things,
Often airy-fairy things,
But usefully child-carey things
When offspring come to call

With babies (they’re such tiny things),
Or children (often whiney things
Who argue over slides and swings),
Or teens (those prickly, spiny things);
And yet we love ’em all!

[Image:;; Daily Mail; she]
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